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Based on our best-selling online course, The Fundamentals, Unlock your Weight Loss concretely demonstrates how to apply the exact same principles to permanently lose weight and holistically adopt a healthier lifestyle.

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why kaizen hour?

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It's a mess. Self-development can be a hustle or it can unleash your inner fire and creativity.

Books, videos, over-priced courses... we've been through it all, in good and bad. And that's why we created Kaizen Hour: To provide the key lessons in an affordable way and to ensure you stay on the path. 

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Read a book. Maybe underline a few ideas. Then put it away and read 20 more books and forget the few good ideas and promises you made while reading the first book. 

Sounds familiar?

Our Fundamentals online course comes with a software  dashboard for your personal development. Brainstorm and jot down your mission, goals, visions, experiments and much more using an online dashboard that helps you level-up in life.

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