Whoever you are – an elite athlete, a business professional, or just a conscious individual, your mind is your most powerful asset in life. With the best ideas and methods from the planet’s greatest thinkers, Kaizen Hour helps you leap forward in life.


Hi. I’m Simo.

If there was a magic pill that did what Kaizen Hour can do to you, it would be a billion-dollar blockbuster drug from day 1.

Unfortunately, such a drug does not exist. So we (who?) created Kaizen Hour for you.

The Japanese word Kaizen simply means improvement, containing an inherent assumption of "continuous"

And now, we’re inviting you to join us.

We ask you to invest in improving your life, with little risk and massive return potential.

Kaizen Hour is simply a set of hand-picked, scientifically or practically proven methods that help you to think bigger and better – or just to think. And none of this is nonsense invented by us. Kaizen Hour is simply a high-functioning synthesis of the best self-development strategies and techniques, as taught by much by wiser people than the two of us.

Kaizen hour is about thinking better. Many of us have stopped thinking. We rush to do whatever the boss tells us to do, without taking the time to think what’s really best for us, long-term. We have become like robots. Does this ring a bell?

I think this is insane!

So what can you and I do about it? Are you really focusing on what’s really the best for you long-term? Kaizen Hour was created to help. It’s a system that you can use today to better structure your thoughts – and therefore actions – so that you’ll achieve more of the good stuff: things that are fun and things that make a tangible difference in your life. Progress, if you will.

Cool! But what’s that “good stuff”? We don’t know. It’s your job to find out. We’ll help you find out, and then we’ll help you to get it done.

And once you start seeing results, everything changes… think about a happier, more fulfilling life! That’s the beauty of progress and growth. You can start fully enjoying everything in your life and finally go after your biggest dreams. The keyword here is “your” – most of us are stuck doing work for others and not focusing enough on our own aspirations…on our dreams.

And this, my friend, is just absolutely, completely, mind-bogglingly absurd if you think about it. Chances are, many of the skills you’re trying to develop or actions you’re taking daily are only for the benefit of others – your employer or future employers.

You only have one life. It’s a cliche, but it’s also true. So take the time to start developing yourself for your own benefit.

Be selfish, in a good way.

It’s all is in your hands. Nobody will do this for you.

Kaizen Hour is your path to designing and achieving the future that you’ll want to live for the rest of your time on this wonderful, magical planet of ours.

The Inconvenient Truth

Simply knowing what you need to do is not enough. You must actually do it.

Most people never do. They hope. They dream. They sleep.

And we live in the age of instant gratification. Everyone wants everything, for free, and they want it right now. Yet the fact is that success – however you personally may define it – depends on two things: hard work and patience.

You don’t need to learn anything new. You already know everything. What you need to do is to design your life, take action, stay motivated, pursue audacious goals and just… work your ass off to get there.

And there are no shortcuts. There is no one change that will fix it all. It’s hard.

So stay away if you’re here for a shortcut. 

But keep reading, if you want to start the work that needs to be done?

Or are you going to let today be just like every day?

Choose now.


Kaizen Hour is for You, if:

  • You want to see improvements in your life, starting today
  • You have goals that you haven’t achieved yet: becoming happier, having more time in your life, losing weight, earning more, improving your health, improving relationships – any goals!
  • You want to take full control of your life
  • You want to stop worrying
  • You want to be one of the rare who do instead of one of the many who talk
  • You want to improve any aspect of your life!

If you’ve read the page this far, we’re quite sure Kaizen Hour is for you. Everyone has room for growth.

The Tools Work for Everyone!

Yep, that includes you. We’re not offering to miraculously make you a superhero overnight.

Nobody can. Kaizen Hour is a no-bullshit approach to systematically developing your mental strength and life. And when you’re mentally tough, you can do anything with your body and life (including developing the physical side: losing weight, bulking up, anything).

So, you’re going to have to put in the work. But we’ll show and teach you what to do, how, where and why.

We’ve studied hundreds of self-development books, podcasts and seminars (worth thousands of dollars) to isolate the greatest self-development strategies used by scientists, billionaires, and life-coaches of all kinds.

You can use the strategies we teach to:

  1. Define a personal mission that will help you regain clarity and focus in everything you do in life.
  2. Leverage the subconscious mind to find answers to questions that make your mission and life easier.
  3. Harness the power of decisions to direct and shape your everyday actions.
  4. Set better goals that take you forward to where you need to be.
  5. Rewire your brains for maximum productivity, using scientifically backed methods.
  6. Get more meaningful work done to free time and explore new opportunities.
  7. Be accountable to yourself. Because, on this journey, nobody else matters.

The only thing we require from you is that you can afford to put in a minimum of 10 minutes per day to this. Your weekly Kaizen Hour means 10 minutes every day, with one cheat day. Consider this as your self-development time – time that actually matters in your life and future.

But… For me too?

Absolutely, if you just put in the work.

Of course, your situation is unique. You’re a real unicorn.

So is everyone else.

The concepts we teach are practical, battle-tested and they work. Period. You get only the best from the best, and we always link to the original sources for you to learn more! Some of the biggest influencers behind the concepts you’re going to put into action include:

  • Robert Cialdini, Ph.D.: Professor at Arizona State University, author of several award-winning books on persuasion and motivation (including motivating yourself).
  • Tony Robbins: American businessman, multimillionaire, author, and philanthropist behind some of the greatest self-development books and seminars of all times like Unlimited Power and Awaken the Giant Within.
  • Tim Ferriss: Author, investor, successful entrepreneur and public speaker. A true multi-talent. The author of the classic The 4-Hour Workweek and Tools of Titans. He also hosts a popular podcast series with tens of millions of downloads, and that has been selected as iTunes’ “Best of 2014”, “Best of 2015”, and “Best of 2016” (most downloads). Mostly knows what he’s talking about.
  • Napoleon Hill: Author of Think and Grow Rich – a business and self-development book voted multiple times as #1 business and personal strategy guide.
  • David J Schwartz, Ph.D.: Professor at Georgia State University, motivational writer, and coach regarded long as one of the foremost experts on motivation. Known for The Magic of Thinking BIG.
  • Derek Sivers: An American entrepreneur, public speaker and author of Anything you Want.
  • Hal Elrod: Hall of Fame business achiever, ultra-marathon runner and #1 best-selling author of one of the highest-rated books in the world (with over 1,500+ five-star Amazon reviews), The Miracle Morning.
  • Jocko Willink: One scary ex-navy SEAL, co-author of Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win. Can teach everyone something about leading yourself and personal responsibility.
  • Seth Godin: An American best-selling author, entrepreneur, marketer, and public speaker. Dozens of books in dozens of languages, religiously followed by millions of people. Known for Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable, The Dip and many other titles.
  • Gary Vaynerchuk: Award-winning wine-blogger, web-phenomenon, motivational speaker, author of several well-received books and just a guy you want to listen to when in need of some kick-ass motivational guidance!
  • … and many more fantastic, inspiring, talented and absurdly generous people whose teachings and lessons you’ll be able to easily include in your life for immediate results — no matter what or how big your goals are.

In each lesson, we include links to the sources for you to study more about the concepts.

 What Exactly Will I Get?

  1. A one-week long course (we call it the “Fundamentals“) that you can use to get to the next level. The course contains easy-to-follow concepts that will help you get started on your self-development journey already today.
  2. Access to our clutter-free, Web-based dashboard that’ll help you keep track of things that you decide are important to you.
  3. Exclusive content that we’ll not publish elsewhere: strictly for your eyes only.
  4. Free dashboard updates and new tools as we add them. No extra cost for you, ever.
  5. We lock your price for life – if after the trial you’ll stay with us, we’ll never raise the price for you.

The one-week trial includes everything: access to the dashboard and the Fundamentals course that explains the 6-step strategy to the closest detail, one per day.

And since Kaizen Hour is delivered one lesson at a time, you will most likely actually finish it!

TAKE THE FUNDAMENTALS FOR $1! No hidden costs or obligations.$1 for the first week, $5.80 per month after that.


You get the first week (including the Fundamentals) for $1.

Why not for free? We don’t want tire kickers. Consider that $1 as a token of commitment to yourself.

Now, imagine…if this can make even the tiniest of improvements in your life… Talk about a bargain! And it definitely will make improvements if you follow and execute the Fundamentals.

After the one-week trial, subscription to Kaizen Hour is only $5.80, every month. If you can pump up your productivity even by one hour per month (easy as 1-2-3), it’s already paying itself back.

And, let me just re-iterate this, the subscription is not automatic: you only continue if you explicitly subscribe after the trial week. No auto-billing, no hidden costs. 

If you feel like it’s not worth it, just cancel using a simple 1-click process. We part as friends – no harm done.

$1 for the first week, $5.80 paid monthly after that. 

Refund Policy

The trial is deliberately very affordable and contains absolutely no hidden costs.

We’ll make it the best damn dollar you’ve spent in your life.

If after the trial you feel like Kaizen Hour is not for you, you’ll still have access to the Fundamentals course, forever.

But sure, if you want your dollar back, we will 100%, absolutely give it back to you!

We’ll give you a 200% money back guarantee for the Fundamentals course

How’s that?

If you after trying the lessons in the Fundamentals course don’t like it, just email us your PayPal address and we’ll send you 2 dollars. But, you must really try.

For the other subscription plans (monthly, annual, ultimate), we offer a full refund for the first 14 days.

In other words: Don’t worry. We got you. We more than got you.

You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Get Started Now:

  1. Sign up here.
  2. Pay the trial price ($1) to unlock the first strategy lesson.
  3. Go design yourself a new life.


So, who exactly is this for?
Anyone who wants to improve something in their lives. This being the case, Kaizen Hour is for you too. The beautiful part is that as long as you just have goals and dreams… you’ll be a perfect match for us!

Some of the more specific goals we’ve seen Kaizen Hour used for are losing weight, getting fit, being happier, gaining confidence, being more productive, etc.

I'm busy. How much time will this take?
You’re not busy. If you’re too busy to develop yourself, you’re busy for the wrong reasons. But, to answer the question, you can easily get started with just a few minutes per day. 10 is what we recommend to start with, every day. Define what’s important to you, remind yourself every day using our dashboard. It’s not difficult and can be done fast. The main thing is to keep doing it, every day, until you feel and observe the difference in your life and thinking automatically.