May 27


Upgrades and Features

By Simo

May 27, 2020

dashboard, features

We’ve rolled out a couple of features that I personally find quite handy.

Yes, I find them handy for me. How selfish is that?

Not at all.

Start Again

It happens to the best of us.

We forget. We stop caring. And we drift back to our old bad habits. Or just forget to practice new good ones. Either way, sometimes starting again can be powerful.

Hosted at, we now offer a lightweight wizard-style interface to…wipe it all away, and start clean. Going through the process there, we’ll delete all your past entries from Kaizen Hour and populate your dashboard with the bare minimum — even less than what the Fundamentals course covers. And we’ll indeed hide the rest.

You’ll be left with a dashboard that you can use to empower yourself again daily.

You’ll be left with a fresh start.

Contribute Content to the Discord Server?

By now you’re hopefully aware of our chat at

We now have a dedicated channel there for community-submitted URLs. Simply dragging the button from your dashboard settings (yes, you literally drag and drop that to your browser’s bookmark bar) you will get a bookmarklet that you can use to send any website (article, video, doesn’t matter, the thing just sends its URL and title) to our Discord server.

This is an excellent way to share interesting content with the rest of the community.


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