July 3


Kaizen Hour -Challenge #3: Read and Share

By Simo

July 3, 2019

Antti is digital detoxing again (means apparently spamming the s*it out of LinkedIn), so he asked me to post this up:


If there is one thing that my grandmom taught me, it is this. You become what you consume.

For decades I assumed she was tryhing to get me eat an apple a day.

Turns out I was dead wrong.

She has a curious habit of brewing a boatload of coffee in the morning. And then sitting alone in her kitchen just sipping away. ’Why don’t you take the paper and read the news? Or turn on that TV?’, I asked on my last visit.

You become what you consume’ she replied and let it sink in ’…If you’re not on an information diet, make sure you consume some quality stuff my boy’. I got the message.

The challenge next week is simple.

Instead of your daily dose of the news and online attraction, I challenge you to consume a good book. You get to choose yours. I chose Factfulness by Hans Rosling.

After you’re done reading, share 1-3 things that you learned on the Kaizenhour Discord -channel.

I’ll meet you there!


So, I guess books it is!

Read a book, share your insights with us at http://kaizenhour.com/chat

Do this before July 12. Let’s see who’s in!


PS. My book will be We Were Soldiers Once…and Young.


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