May 22


Kaizen Hour -Challenge #2: Hone Your Craft

By Simo

May 22, 2019

TLDR; From today, one week, study/practice something, literally anything. Hosted at our Discord

Here we are. Again.

Initiated by @Tyrafel at our community hangaround, we’re heading toward our second challenge: The Study Challenge.

Study what? Whatever. Read. Practice. Learn something new. Get back on track with something you dropped earlier.

Just do something.

I’ll be studying Japanese for a week. I’m not a beginner, but I’ve forgotten almost all I learned ealier.

But next week, a week from now, I’ll be a bit better at it again. And will feel a bit better about it.

Will you be better at something?

The rules are simple:
– Choose what you want to study/practice, every single day, for a week
– You choose how much you do it. Minutes? Iterations? Reps? Your call.
– We go from Wednesday (May 22) to next Wed / May 29
– We do it together.

You do this to hone your craft. To become better.  Because it’s fulfilling. And it’s fun. It’s worth every damn second. 

Once again, join our Discord at where you’ll find a dedicated channel for this challenge.
I look forward to seeing you there,

PS. Here’s Jocko telling you if you don’t believe me:


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