June 11


End of Challenge #2

By Simo

June 11, 2019

A couple of weeks ago we did our second ever joint challenge: The Study Challenge.

Personally, I started to pick up my Hiragana skills again, using the free version of Duolingo as well as a paid version of Human Japanese. Someone else did a successful comeback to non-fiction audiobooks, which is an amazing way to feed your brains something useful while e.g. exercising.

Yet another member practiced piano: “I learned what is diminished chord, I learned some chord patterns. I learned some keying patterns for Cmaj and minor, for D, just a little bit of rhythm for two hand playing. I managed to learn how to record from drum machine with “mic-in” to Digital Audio wizard, I learned how to map drum samples to a pad controller. I Learned some music theory about power chords and created some short practice songs which make use of polyrhythms. I celebrated Ice Hockey world championship, got drunk and recovered.

Huh, that sounds like proper success to me, for just one week of extra fun.

Finally, Antti committed to learn juggling! How that went? Actually, I’m not sure yet — I’m hoping to get his update in the comments below!

Overall, this is a good way for sure to add some communal aspects and that accountability that we all long for. Going forward, we just need more members to do this together! So, join our server at http://kaizenhour.com/chat and let’s do it!


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