May 11


Kaizen Hour -Challenge #1: Destroy the doubt and start

By Schumi

May 11, 2019

TLDR; A quick 7-day intermittent fasting experiment (May 13 – May 19). Join the challenge at our Discord at

We’ll keep it super simple: you do it, your style, and we just share the experience/results.

Like the Trojan horse, doubt sneaks in every single time just when you’re about to get to it.

How will you know? How can you be certain that it works?! Maybe there is something better just around the corner?

…And soon you find yourself wasting yet another chance on researching tactics and strategies on the Google or the Tube.

The truth is that you can never know. No matter how convincing tactics you find, you can never be certain that it works for you. You are not them and there is no such thing as one size fits all. In reality, there is only one size fits one.

The only thing you can do is to see for yourself. To switch a futile attempt to know into a move to experience the results first hand.

Give the finger to the doubt and crush that procrastination which always lurks behind.

But what does it mean in practice?

It’s simple really. You commit to an experiment and see how it works out for you. Because it just might.

Me and Simo decided to make our move right now. We chose something easy to start with. Something that requires only once decision daily. Is this the time to eat or not?

We decided to make our move by a challenge of intermittent fasting for one week. If you’ve never done it we suggest starting with a simple script. After eating your dinner, you consume only water until lunch next day.

…And repeat the same routine from Monday to Monday. No difficult decision making, no weighing in the food you consume, no fancy dietary restriction. You simply eat or don’t.

Why intermittent fasting?

Here is a little something for you to educate yourself more:

Need words from a more…scienc-y source? Here:

It’s good. I promise.

To join our tribe and share your experiences this week, join our Discord-channel now!

With inspiration and energy!

Antti from Kaizenhour.


PS. you can find our discord channel at:


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