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More More More no More!

So recently I stumbled upon someone bashing the culture of more, higher, improve, elevate, awaken your motherfookin BADASS inside you -culture.

There’s a point there, which of course led me to think this from the point of Kaizen Hour — and the system we’re building/advocating. Granted, “more more more” is easier to sell, given the right audience. But that’s not necessarily what I want to offer to you.

Less can totally be more. Anyone with small kids can most likely understand this: peace is golden. A silent moment with absolutely zero “drive” to push higher and do better – now that’s where it’s at!

The way we have built Kaizen Hour is not, of course, limited to achieving more and more of meaningless shit in your life. Rather, we use the buffet-metaphor quite often: you make it yours.

Just take one. Or two. Or five. But make it yours.

So, even if you’re like me…if you just want to be in peace, we might help you achieve that serenity and inner peace. If you just want to meditate daily and stick to the habit… we can help you. Because all we really want to do is help you get what you want.

With just 10 minutes per day.

We’re in Discord!

Oh yes we are!

And it’s free for all. Forever.

Here’s a quick link:

But why?!

To try something new.

To have a community. Some folks are asking how to connect with other Kaizen Hour -subscribers… With us.

And Antti and me are going to host some type of challenges there. Wake up 5am for a week. Go keto for two.

Write a blog post per day for three weeks.

You know.

Simple things. Functional things. Projects and experiments. That’s where the gold is. Outside the ordinary path of your life.

That’s where you’ll find satisfaction. And fun.

Join us: 

Your Biggest Challenge

Search inside yourself. Are you open to new ideas? Is your openness – curiosity, if you will – boosting you or is the lack of it actually hindering your progress?

There is no wilder system to observe and work with than the human mind.

(Taken from the podcast below…where a Google exec shares some of their insights on using mindfulness to boost productivity.)

Google leverages mindfulness programs to boost productivity and wellbeing at the workplace. And it’s a very data-based company, they’re not making this up.

Can you think of something similar?

Are you open enough to start exploring and developing your mind?

How do we make everyone open enough for this journey? We don’t need to, of course. We want to make just you open enough.

That’s our biggest challenge. That’s one of your biggest challenges. And it certainly should be your goal, if you’re not experimenting with your mind already.

The human mind is not understood well enough for someone to justify with science all that the practical communities know is true. And that’s why we need to listen to experiences from individuals, communities as well as companies that are successfully implementing programs to develop the mind toward some bigger shared goals.

Humans are walking variables.” As an engineer, I find this notion extremely compelling to work with.

You’re a living lab. Start experimenting already.